2101 Narrabeen Surfing

2101 Kneeboards

by Michael Novakov 4x World Champion


Welcome to Nov's
Kneeboard Surfing Website

On this site you can view Nov's second hand boards that are for sale, check out some great kneelo surfing pics and videos, and access links to other kneeboard sites. All 2101 boards are constructed by highly regarded Narrabeen surfer/shaper, Dave Wood, who produces Dave Wood Design and Velocity surfboards.

If you would like to talk to Nov about surfing, board design or to purchase a kneeboard you will find the email addresses under the contact link.

This is how Wikipedia describes Kneeboard Surfing........

"Being closer to the Face of the wave, the feeling of speed is more enhanced, with a resulting increase in excitement. It seems that kneeboarding is where the best of the skill sets unique to each of the surfing disciplines "comes together".

Introducing Hot Buttered's Neevo Kneeboards, designed by Michael Novakov and shaped by Dave Wood. The Performer and The Slab are available and in stock now, and come complete with kneepads and tailpads, and the FCS 2 Fin System with a medium performer set of fins.

For purchases go to Hot Buttered2101 Surfing  or Wicks Surf Shop, 1103 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy NSW. Phone: 9971 0760.

The Surfboard Hub at 52 Winbourne Road, Brookvale has Neevo and 2101 Kneeboards on display and in stock. Phone: 0410 528 871.

The next KSA comp is on at Phillip Island, Victoria on March 16 & 17, 2019.